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Mash Up

A series of songs are played - 3 or 5. Contestants have to identify all of them.

Fastest Hands

Hear a song and be the first to answer.

Tune Topics

Categories. Songs will contain a word from the category, or from a genre.


One instrument will play at a time until someone answers.

Ring That Bell

Players hear a song and must run across the room to ring the bell first to answer.

Name That Artist

Series of songs are played. Players must name the artist.


Contestant listens to a famous song in different language on headphones. That contestant sings it as they hear it and other players try and identify.

Picture Perfect

Players hear a song and have to match the pictures to the song and then answer.

Taboo That Tune

One contestant tries to explain the song without using key words. Players try to identify.

Piano Man

A foot piano is played by contestant who follows queues as others try and identify.

Kazoo That Tune

1 contestant plays the kazoo while others try and identify. Can also do couples as a team.

Sing That Tune

Contestant sings a song but must not say the title. Players identify.
Catch - we throw in objectives or requirements.
Example: Sing in your best Elvis impersonation.

Spoken Tune

Host or contestant reads a song in dramatic fashion as the players try and identify.

4 Pics, 1 Song

4 pictures are revealed one at a time until a contestant can identify.


Final 2 players bid based on clues starting from 5 seconds down to 1.

Golden Medley

Finalist must name 7 random songs in 30 seconds for grand prize.

Playground Instruments

Contestants are invited to the stage to play instruments from the playground.


1 player acts out the song title, while the other contestants try to guess what it is.

Heads Up

Player holds up song title and the other contestants give him clues to guess the name.

Melody Roulette

A wheel is spun onstage to determine a cash prize for identifying the tune.