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Jaka to melodia?, meaning "What Song is It?", is the Polish variation of the classic game show Name That Tune, running every year since 1997 on TVP1. The show is noted for frequently interrupting game play to feature performances of the songs guessed either by the host or by other singers, all accompanied by a live band. Songs can be in either Polish or English, so all contestants must be bilingual in order to play.

The program is hosted by Robert Janowski, an actor and singer.


Name that Tune (Armenian: Գուշակիր մեղեդին) is an Armenian Entertainment television program developed by Avet Barseghyan. The series premiered on Armenia 1 on September 8, 2015. The First Public Television of Armenia has also bought the copyright to show the popular and beloved entertaining musical program. From now on, from Monday to Friday all the viewers of the First Channel will have the chance of being a part of this entertaining program, checking their musical knowledge, as well as watching famous singers, actors, public figures playing the game.

The host of the program is Avet Barseghyan.


Qual é a Música? ("What Song Is It?" or "Which Song Is It?"), hosted by Silvio Santos, has been a hit on SBT for the past two decades.